Skype ・Zoom Lessons for Foreigners

My name is Fumie. I live in Nagoya, Japan.

I lived in LA for a little while when I was 19 years old.

I would like to be a bridge between the United States and Japan and do something through kimono.

I sell kimono dressing and high quality washable kimonos.


I have recently started teaching kimono dressing via video call such as skype and ZOOM.

Kimono cannot be worn with a zipper. You need a lot of accessories, but I will teach you carefully. Kimono dressing classes take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. But with me, the time is minimal and the money is not  expensive.


If you want to learn how to wear a real Japanese kimono, please contact me.


I will send you authentic kimono accessories from Japan.

I will buy kimonos and obis for you.


 I have a wealth of knowledge about kimonos and accessories and have been involved in this business for 15 years. I also know information that is hard to find when you are overseas, such as where you can buy affordable and high quality items in Japan. If you want to learn authentic kimono dressing, choose me!


And if you come to Japan for a visit, let's go shopping together!

 ▪️¥3000 JPY for one hour    Payment PayPal

If you do not have what you need I will send you the real thing from Japan. Let's start the lesson when you receive it.

First set of necessities ¥12000JPY This is just the accessories. (waist cords, ⑨ datejime, ⑦obi board⑧obi pillow⑪collarThese are the same as what I use in Japan.


What you will prepare, kimono, long underwear, obi, obijime, obiage, zori bag.

These can be selected by me and sent to you.

From 50000 yen〜

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