Yukata or Kimono dressing lesson



【Let's put on a kimono yourself】

"YUKATA"is a kind of KIMONO. It's casual cotton Kimono.

We wear Yukawa and Kimono to go to fireworks  and go to lunch in Nagoya.



 Meet up・  Lesson  ・ drink and snacks・ Let's go to Summer Festival




(Lesson and drink and snacks)


【Things to bring 】

①Yukata or Kimono②Obi ③Koshihimo 2〜4 ④Datejime

⑤slip dress for under Yukataslip dress for under Yukata


①〜⑤ all set 15000yen〜20000yen for sale or All rental 5000yen



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Looking forward to meeting you!!



Let's hang out with me!!


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